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Forum Workshops 2014 Videos

This page gathers seminar videos during the Parisian Ircam Forum Workshops, held in Ircam Headquarters in Paris between November 19-21 2014 with more than 100 participants from Europe, USA and Asia. It contains voice-over translations for talks originally in French. You can consult the French page for originals.

Forum Workshops 2014 Videos, Day 1

Forum Workshops 2014 Videos, Day 1

Ircam R&D News 2014

Hugues Vinet
R&D Director, Ircam

Max 7 News by Cycling74

David Zicarelli, Emmanuel Jourdan, Joshua Kit Clayton

Launch of Orchids

Philippe Esling, Antoine Bouchereau
Musical Representations Team, Ircam

Antescofo News

Arshia Cont and Philippe Cuvillier
MuTant Team-Project, Ircam

Launch of ToscA and Spat News

Thibault Carpentier
Acoustic & Cognitive Spaces Team, Ircam

The man-machine improvisation News

Gérard Assayag
Musical Representations Team, Ircam

OpenMusic News

Jean Bresson
Musical Representations Team, Ircam

Real-time Gesture & Sound Interaction News

Frédéric Bevilacqua and Diemo Schwarz
ISMM team, Ircam

New from the Analysis-Synthesis Team

Axel Roebel, Thomas Hélie, Marco Liuni, Geoffroy Peeters and Charles Picasso
Analysis-Synthesis team, Ircam

Forum Workshops 2014 Videos, Day 2

Forum Workshops 2014 Videos, Day 2


Anders Lind
composer, Umeå university

Bach and Cage Libraries for Max

Eric Daubresse and Daniele Ghisi

Orchids Workgroup Presentations

Eric Daubresse, Philippe Esling, Daniele Ghisi and Yan Maresz

Modalys News (ipad and PC/MAC)

Adrien Mamou-Mani and Robert Piechaud
Instrumental Acoustics Team, Ircam

Smart Instruments made in Ircam

Adrien Mamou-Mani
Instrumental Acoustics Team, Ircam

Presentation of Libellule

Marco Antonio Suarez-Cifuentes (composer) and Alain Billard (bass clarinet)

Geecos: Gesture Control Surfaces

Lorenzo Pagliei
Composer, Ircam

Forum Workshops 2014 Videos, Day 3

Forum Workshops 2014 Videos, Day 3

Round Table “Technology and Industry”

Christian Kleine (Ableton), Frederick Rousseau (Ircam), Jesper Nordin (iPad Apps Gestruments, scales), David Zicarelli (Cycling’74)

ROLI (presentation of Seaboard and news)

Jean Baptiste Thiebault

Native Instruments (Last product presentation and a look at technologies)

Mickaël Le Goff

With special thanks to @degelis