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Research & Creativity Seminar : the composer Diana Soh

2014-01-20 - 2014-01-20

12:00 - 13:00

1 Place Igor Stravinsky , Paris, France, 75004, France

Les Séminaires Recherche & Création sont l’occasion de découvrir le travail d’un compositeur en résidence à l’Ircam ou bien de pénetrer dans les coulisses d’un projet de création. A découvrir : enjeux et problématiques de composition, développements informatiques nouveaux, collaborations avec les laboratoires de recherche.

The goal of Research & Creativity Seminar is to discover work of a composer at Ircam. Composition and software development questions.

Diana Soh, composer, presents her recent composition Arboretum : of myths and trees

with Grégoire Lorieux, Computer Music Tutor
Using motion capturing devices in composition and performance process. 
Arboretum: of myths and trees for soprano, 2 flutes, harp, piano and live electronics, was created during the framework of the IRCAM Cursus 2 (2012-2013). The presentation will center around the artistic impetus of capturing the physical gestures of the musicians, the means of production for the electronics, the encounter with sensors and its eventual contextualisation as part of a musical work.
Premiered by Ensemble Court Circuit and Elise Chauvin (soprano) 19 June 2013 @ Manifeste 2013 with supervising IRCAM tutor Grégoire Lorieux
Text by James R. Currie


Diana Soh (b. 1984) is a young Singaporean composer who lives in Paris, attends the IRCAM Cursus 1 program, and is a Composer-in-Residence in a collaborative project by he Conservatoire D’Ivry sur Seine, La Muse en Circuit, l’ADIAM94, l’ARIAM and the ensembles Quatuor Parisii and Concert Impromptu.

She is currently working towards her PhD at the University at Buffalo under the tutelage of David Felder. Her music has been performed in venues such as Royaumont, Acanthes, Donaueschinger Musiktager, June in Buffalo, and the Gaudeamus Muziek Week.

She has worked with James Avery, Magnus Andersson, NEO Norbotten, Tony Arnold, NYNME, the Arditti Quartet, CIKADA, and the Ensemble Mosaik. Upcoming projects include a re-staging of her opera The Boy Who Lived Down The Lane this October by Size Zero Opera in the United Kingdom.

Diana Soh : geste et musique par Ircam-CGP

Seminar in English   – 

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