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CataRT Standalone

An innovative approach to sound synthesis based on multi-criteria representations of sound sample databases.

The Standalone CataRT Application, a concatenative real-time sound synthesis system, plays grains from a large corpus of segmented and descriptor-analyzed sounds according to proximity to a target position in the descriptor space, controlled by a mouse or by external controllers. This can be seen as a content-based extension to granular synthesis providing direct access to specific sound characteristics. Interaction is made possible via a simple interface featuring a 2D representation descriptor parameter space using mouse navigation where the sound grains (samples) are selected and played as a function of geometrical proximity.

The standalone application has an easy-to-use interface, extensive documentation, complete MIDI and keyboard control, and a preset system allowing interpolation of presets via a MIDI controller.

Fields of Application


  • analysis, visualization, and sound interaction
  • analysis data export


  • graphic representation of a sound and perceptual descriptors
  • interactive analysis of the temporal structure of a sound


  • all parameters for the description and transformation of sound are available
  • composition via interactive navigation in a descriptor space
  • MIDI compatibility and communication

Cinema, Video, and Post-Production

  • re-synthesis, ambience control and “soundscape” textures
  • specific event or sonic feature search in long recordings
  • noise separation


  • perceptual analysis and annotation

Sound Design

  • interactive navigation in a sound descriptor space
  • high level control via sound descriptors
  • mixing and juxtaposition of massive amounts of sound samples
  • flexibility of granular synthesis