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Max 7

Max 7 is a visual programming environment for interactive real-time applications by Cycling'74.

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Max 8
Coming September 2018.
Max 7 purchases after November 2, 2017 will include a free upgrade to Max 8.

Max 7 is a visual programming environment for interactive real-time applications.


Max 7 gives you the tools to create your own music, sound, video, and interactive media applications. You can arrange boxes on a canvas and connect them together to create, experiment, and play. Each box, or object, contains a tiny program that does something specific. Some object boxes make sounds or video effects. Other objects carry out basic calculations or make decisions that trigger events to happen.

Max 7 combines the original Max control system for MIDI and data messaging with MSP objects for audio processing, analysis and synthesis, and Jitter objects for video and graphics.

By combining these features, Max lets you create innovative interactive multimedia works with audio-driven graphics, gesturally controlled sounds, and more.

Max 7 is intended for musicians, sound designers, teachers, and researchers who want to develop interactive real-time programs.

Max 7 is developed by Cycling ’74 in the United States under an exclusive license with IRCAM.

Main Applications


Generate musical structures via mathematical and random models and employ tools for storage and recall of complex sets of musical and parametric data. Treat computational processes as compositional elements.

Live Accompaniment

Max 7 includes tools to combine live instrumentation with responsive accompaniment. Capture the performance through realtime audio analysis or directly manipulate the instrument’s sound. Use sequencing and sample playback tools to add complexity to the performance. Max also lets you dynamically control lighting, video, and music in realtime.

Audio Post-Production and Controlling Devices

Control mixing tables, direct-to-disk systems, synthesizers, and more. Max supports numerous electronic communication protocols including UDP/OSC, MIDI, and Serial.


Max 7 is an educational tool used in numerous universities, music schools, and conservatories worldwide. The application ships with comprehensive in-application tutorials, inline interactive help and reference, and examples to assist your learning.


Max 7 is used in research to make prototypes of synthesis algorithms or carry out sound signal processing in real-time. In addition to the rich collection of built-in audio objects, the Gen add-on allows you to implement low level, efficient DSP algorithms without having to write text code. Max can also be extended using JavaScript, Java, Lua, or C with the free SDK, and has an active third-party development community.

Design and Development

MAX, Original IRCAM Version: Miller Puckette. Development of Max/MSP Cycling ’74: David Zicarelli. MSP is developed by Cycling ’74 based on concepts impelemented in the former IRCAM real-time environment, FTS. Jitter Development: Cycling ’74.

Legal Information

Max is a registered trademark of IRCAM. MSP is a registered trademark of Cycling ’74. All other brands are the property of their respective copyright holders.

Max 7 can only be downloaded.

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