Subscription Offers

Ircam Forum is a community website for artists, music technologists, sound designers and more, to foster creativity and innovation in arts and sciences. Becoming a Forum member is free and provides users with a social platform to share events and experiences, and interact on music technology with more than 10 000 members around the world.

Users can optionally opt for access to Ircam technologies through yearly subscription (see Subscription Modalities), either through single (or multiple) technology subscription, or through our Individual, Student or Institutional Premium Membership (including special offers for SACEM members). The following table summarizes benefits of becoming a Premium Forum Member:

Reduced rate Access to Partner Products


Free Member

Individual Software subscription


€120 tax incl.

€240 tax incl.

€1,200 tax incl.

Access to free software

Access to subscription technologies

Upon subscription

Access to Discussion Groups

Ability to post Events

Ability to post Tribune


Upon invitation

Upon invitation Upon invitation  

Upon invitation

Technology Support

10% Reduction on access Renewal

Reduced rate Access to Ircam Forum Workshops

Reduced rate for Ircam Educational Activities

Reduced rate for Ircam Events

Subscription Authorization / year

4 terminals per subscription year 4 terminals per subscription year 4 terminals per subscription year 20 terminals per subscription year

Subscription Modalities

Access to Ircam software and technologies is on a subscription basis. Upon purchasing a subscription (see How to join Ircam Forum), users can:

  • Download subscribed technologies (all for Premium members) and updates for one year starting the subscription date.
  • Generate activation codes (4 / year for Individual Premium Members and 20 / year for Institutional Premium) online to activate technologies.

Users can check the status of their subscription at anytime from their Shopping Profile.

Software Activation Modalities

Access to Ircam software and technology is protected by activation codes. Activation codes are required once per computer and requested upon the first launch of the technology. Subscribed users can request Activation Codes on any software download page. Codes will be sent automatically to user by email. See instructions.

  • An activated software will remain active (including all updates) for one year starting the date of subscription.
  • An activation code, activates all subscribed technologies at once. As a consequence, Premium  users would only need to activate once to use all technologies per machine.
  • Once the one-year subscription date has passed, the software remains active and usable but users might experience warnings on subscription renewals.

Users can check and update their profiles (email, contact) at anytime from their personal dashboard.

Customer service and technology support is available to Premium Users.