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diphone studio / "SuperVP::Initialization failed" error

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just downloaded and installed diphone on my mac osx 10.7.3.
there is an error  regarding supervp appearing when diphone launches addan
(when i load a sound in the “create dictionary from sound” popup and press ok).
see at the bottom of the text block below. the error also happens when i click “validate” and “run”
in the addan analysis window. what is the problem?

AddAn(1) snd -v -aExtract -i”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.aiff” -c1  -o”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” -fAiff
supervp -v -t -U -OS0 -ns -S”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” -Afft -Wblackman -N2048 -M1764 -I441.0 “/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Fft/crotale.f0.fft.sdif”
supervp -v -Af0 fm50.0,fM1000.0,F4000.0,sn50.0,M,smooth3  -Wblackman -N2048 -M1764 -I441.0 -S”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” “$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Fundamental/crotale.f0.sdif”
pm2 -v -Apar -P”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Fundamental/crotale.f0.sdif” -S”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” -R44100.0 -Wblackman -N2048 -M1764 -I441.0 -a0.01 -r0.01 -c0.5 “$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Partial/crotale.add.sdif”
sdif_signature_convert “$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Partial/crotale.add.sdif” 1TRC
supervp -v  -S”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” -Aced 50  -Wblackman -N2048 -M1764 -OE “$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/SpecEnv/”
pm2 -v -Asyn  -p -R44100.0 -S”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Partial/crotale.add.sdif” -Osa16 “$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.synth.aiff”
snd -v -aSubstract -i”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” -j”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.synth.aiff” -o”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.noise.aiff” -fAiff -d16
snd -v -aConvert -i”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff” -o”/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Segmentation/crotale.floatSnd” -fFloat
segm  -S”crotale.floatSnd” -T44100.0 -e0.1 -H10 -N10 -E0.04 -F0.04 -w1 -e0.1 -c0.5 -s0.2 -Civstr -M f0.2 F0.2 e0.2 E0.2 I0.2
echo “Diphone_Script”
echo “Create_Dictionary”
remove “$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff”

Sound Convert
Input sound name………..”/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.aiff”
Input sound channel……..1
Input sound time begin…..0.0
Input sound time end…….end
Output sound name……….”/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.temp.aiff”
Output sound format……..Aiff
Output sound sample rate…44100.0  (same as input)
Output sound sample size…16       (same as input)
Convert coefficient……..1.0
SuperVP::Initialization failed: please register an activation key by using -init_key_file Ircam_Activation_Key.txt 
Kernel <supervp> return error 22

thanks, johannes

January 20, 2013 at 20:21 #3396
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Dear Johannes,

We just coreected the activation scheme. Go ahead and generate a new activation code for Diphone and use that one instead.

January 21, 2013 at 12:10 #3478
Profile photo of johannes

hallo arshia, axel and charles,

thanks for your fast reply and help.

what i don´t understand now is: where to put the new activation code, that i just received from the forum.
the popup window, in which i entered the activation code after i installed diphone the first time, doesn´t automaticly reappear when i boot the programm.
even if i reinstall it. is there a trick?

thanks for your help,


January 21, 2013 at 20:29 #3502
Axel Roebel
Axel Roebel

Following internal discussion with Johannes we publish here 
the procedure that allows to install the new keys using the
supervp command line that comes with Diphone: 

1) Store the key file that was send in the email on your Desktop
2) start the application that you find in
3) in the Finder open /Applications/Diphon Studio 4.2/Kernels
4) drag and drop supervp (attention this needs to be supervp not into the window of the
5) in the terminal type -init_key_file after the end of the supervp
command. Attention, you need to add a space after typing this
6) In the finder locate the key file you have stored under 1 and drag &
drop it into the terminal.
7) In the Terminal you should now see a single command line similar to

/Applications/Diphone\ Studio\ 4.2/Kernels/supervp -init_key_file

There need to be spaces before and after the -init_key_file parameter

8) Hit return

January 22, 2013 at 12:24 #3513

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