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more kernel problems in ResAN & 10.8.3

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I am also a new user of Diphone but am experiencing problems in the shell. If I attempt to do an analysis in ResAN the program seems to create the temp files, but then cannot seem to access them from the working directory, and there may be trouble with the modres command. If I try to run the following commands from the shell it also generates these same error (copied below). Is there a way in the preference tab to unlock the working directory and change the file path? Or is there some other solution? My machine: OS 10.8.3, 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers! Louis~
typed these lines into shell (assuming crotale.temp.aiff already exists)

cd “/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2″

Kernels/modres -v -D. -d. -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -Zm -t0.011 -w0.211 -a-70.0 -A-86.0

produced crotale.e0

But fails from within ResAN 3.4 with this:

ResAN(1) snd -v -aExtract -i”$DEFAULTWD/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.aiff” -c1  -o”$DEFAULTWD/crotale.temp.aiff” -fAiff -d16

modres -v -D”$DEFAULTWD” -d”$DEFAULTWD” -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -Zm -t0.011 -w0.211 -a-70.0 -A-86.0
modres -v -D”$DEFAULTWD” -d”$DEFAULTWD” -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -p”crotale.e0″ -Zm -t0.021 -w0.423 -a-70.0 -A-86.0 -V
modres -v -D”$DEFAULTWD” -d”$DEFAULTWD” -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -p”crotale.m1″ -Zm -t0.042 -w0.846 -a-70.0 -A-86.0 -V
modres -v -D”$DEFAULTWD” -d”$DEFAULTWD” -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -p”crotale.m2″ -Zm -t0.07 -w1.41 -a-70.0 -A-86.0 -V
modres -v -D”$DEFAULTWD” -d”$DEFAULTWD” -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -p”crotale.m3″ -Zm -t0.141 -w2.819 -a-70.0 -A-86.0 -V
modres -v -D”$DEFAULTWD” -d”$DEFAULTWD” -i”crotale.temp.aiff” -o”crotale” -zo -p”crotale.m4″ -Zm -Im -Jm -t0.211 -w3.806 -a-70.0 -A-86.0 -V
remove “$DEFAULTWD/crotale.temp.aiff”

Sound Convert
Input sound name………..”/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Sound/crotale.aiff”
Input sound channel……..1
Input sound time begin…..0.0
Input sound time end…….end
Output sound name……….”/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/crotale.temp.aiff”
Output sound format……..Aiff
Output sound sample rate…44100.0  (same as input)
Output sound sample size…16
Convert coefficient……..1.0

Can’t open file $DEFAULTWD/crotale.temp.aiff
Kernel <modres> return error 1

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April 27, 2013 at 06:10 #4725

Hi Louis,

You can change the default working directory and optionally point to a new directory structure from the Preferences but before try first to reset everything to

a default location.

– open Resan.
– Open “Preferences » panel
– click on the “Defaults » button (bottom of the panel)

– choose the “Environment » tab (inside the Preferences Panel) and set the “Defaults » too

Do this also from the Diphone app directly. Sometime Diphone does not “lock” properly to the expected working directory wich create this kind of errors.

As i see <snd> convert and create the temp sound file in directly in “/Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/” wich does not seem to be the correct output folder path.




April 27, 2013 at 21:50 #4732
Profile photo of Louis Goldford

Hi, thank you Charles! I am attaching screen shots of what I see when I try to do this. When I click on the “Defaults” button nothing happens. I can tab over to the “Environment” panel but when i click the “Defaults” button there, again nothing happens. Is this normal? The path /Applications/Diphone Studio 4.2/ appears exactly as the program set it up by default. I haven’t been able to change it from this path. Thank you for your swift reply!

  1. Screen-Shot-2013-04-27-at-5.07.25-PM


  2. Screen-Shot-2013-04-27-at-5.07.16-PM


April 27, 2013 at 22:10 #4736

Ok Louis,

So Diphone just bug on the input/output folder so do this :

1) Open ResAn

2) Ask for a New Analysis > the Analysis Panel should open

3) now, next to the “Sound Input” control > click on the “folder icon” (next to the Sound Input name).

A list should appear > Click on “Choose Directory” > select Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Sound

4) Repeat the same procedure for the sound output directory : next to the Sound Output control > click on the “folder icon” > Choose Directory > Select “Diphone Studio 4.2/ImpExport/Sound”

5) Choose a standard preset : exemple preset 1

6) Launch your analysis > Click on Validate Then Run

modres should now get the proper file and that should normally fix this path issue.



  1. Capture-d’écran-2013-04-29-à-14.32.52


April 29, 2013 at 13:40 #4746

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