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Welcome to the Orchids user group.

This user group is devoted to the Orchids orchestration system and its users, but also on the topic of computer-aided orchestration and generic sound mixture optimization. In order to facilitate the exchange of bug reports, idea and collaborative thinking, we encourage any kind of report on errors, bad or good results, desired features, ideas, remarks and any other topic.

Please report any unsolved problem, ideas or even cool sounds to this group and we will be glad to discuss it. If you want to start using the software, please read the full documentation, which provides turnarounds to known issues:


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Currently I’m unable to export any usable audio files from Orchids 9.2.

To wit, selecting “Export As Audio File” as found on the Orchestra page, yields a mono file which is radically truncated (i.e. it is consistently shorter than the original file), while selecting “Export Tracks to Folder” generates X-number of tracks of abrasive digital noise at a robust OdBFS.

Employing the “Record Output Audio” option from either the Orchestra or the Maquette pages produces stereo digital noise similar to the multi-track garbage.

Thus the only way I can output usable audio presently is to route the signal to the host of my choice via SoundFlower.

Note that I did not have this problem in Orchids 9.1.

Any ideas?

Mac OS X 7.5; MacPro 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon; 20 GB of RAM

July 19, 2016 at 05:31 #18596

hello EARSHOT21

Do you feel concerned by this post ?


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July 20, 2016 at 12:27 #18605
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It is indeed a very odd problem, but this might relate to your soundcard configuration ? Have you checked the “Audio setup” properties (on the first “Main” panel, the button at the bottom right should open your current sound configuration) ?

July 26, 2016 at 09:37 #18656
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Yes, I’ve checked the “Audio setup properties on the first Main panel,” many times, as that is where I have to go in order to select SOUNDFLOWER.

I experience the same audio export issues already described, regardless of whether I select “Internal Speakers” or “Digidesign MBox2 Pro,” as my output device of choice.

I’ve also experimented w/ changing the settings of the “I/O Vector Size” as found on the Audio Setup pane, but to no avail.

(Speaking of which, what does “Signal Vector Size” pertain to?)

Any other ideas????

July 28, 2016 at 22:00 #18705

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